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When can I apply?

Submissions for the DJA 2017 competition are now cosed. They were open between 21 November 2016 and 10 April 2017.

Can one apply more than once?

There was absolutely no limit to the number of projects you could submit. But only one entry can be submitted for the same project/story.

Do I have to translate the whole project in English?

The DJA 2017 application form needs to be filled in English. Any entry submitted in a language other than English will not be considered by our Jury.

If your project is originally in a language other than English, you did not have to translate the entire piece, but you were required to submit a presentation of the project written in English. Components of graphics, apps and other interactives needed to be translated to English so that our Jury of international experts can assess your work fairly.

If you have any questions, email Marianne Bouchart, DJA manager, at

How do I go about submitting my portfolio for the Personal Portfolio and Young data journalist of the year categories?

Submissions are now closed unfortunately. But for information, you should only have submited one form but attach a document listing all your projects you wanted our Jury to consider for this award. You could attach a maximum of 10 links to your application, so had to pick wisely.

Do I really need to attach a picture?

Yes please! A picture (jpeg, jpg, or png format) in good quality was required for every entry.

Can I add a video to my application?

Submissions are now closed. There was a special section in the form where you could add a video url (not a video file though) to support your application.

Could some of the information in my application be kept private?

Yes. There was a special section in the form where you could add documents or information you do not wish to share with the world (only with our jury made of international experts). All the information submitted in other sections may be published on the DJA website and/or GEN Community viewable by members of the public.

Are you eligible for a DJA prize?

Find out on the Eligibility & Rules page!

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