Engineering lead for the Microsoft Data Journalism Program

The engineering lead for the Microsoft Data Journalism Program, Lukasz Pawlowski, is passionate about getting hands-on with big projects that enable journalists and their audiences to use data more elegantly and efficiently. From his position as Program Manager of Power BI, Microsoft’s data visualization and analysis tool, Lukasz has spearheads data journalism projects with online and broadcast news outlets like The Associated Press and France Télévisions.
As a part of the team that builds Microsoft’s core data visualization technologies, Lukasz finds new ways to enable more people to benefit from the power of beautiful, communicative data. In recent years, he has driven efforts to bring custom data visualizations into a mass market product. Leveraging technologies like D3JS, he has contributed to the design of numerous 3rd-party data visualization designs and reusable data visualizations.
He holds a degree in System Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo with specialization in Computer Systems.
You can follow Lukasz on Twitter at @lukasztweets.