Projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition

Right here you will find a list of all the projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition.  

KRO-NCRV Data Journalism Team
Country: Netherlands
Organisation: KRO-NCRV
Best data journalism team
Team Members
Thomas Mulder (designer)Marije Rooze (developer)
Project Description
With our 3 person data journalism team (data journalist Jerry Vermanen, designer Thomas Mulder and developer Marije Rooze), we make visualisations and do research for KRO-NCRV (a Dutch public broadcast corporation). Our productions end up online, television programmes, live broadcasts on television and radio, and podcasts. Beginning in august 1st, we made 47 big productions and countless of smaller visualisations and contributions. We combine investigative journalism with animations and data visualisation to get our researches out to the public. We work independently, so our researches are pitched to the journalistic programmes in our company. Depending on the programma, our tone of voice and design switches and we finish our visualisation/research for this particular programma.We have a variety of productions: animations for live television (about social assistence benefits), our research Explosive Exports (open source research with Bellingcat), our investigation on the abuse of social media by the Dutch police (leading to 2 television broadcasts, 44 articles, the removal of material published by the police, questions in the Dutch parliament, etc.), our visualisation on the work ethics of parliament members, the analysis of ambulance respons times in the Netherlands, our award-nominated production on the safety of dutch roads, etc. With just 3 persons, I think we have a large and varied portfolio.
What makes this project innovative?
We work in a small team, doing work for different media (online, tv, radio, podcast), on a lot of different subjects (police and social media, arms trades, ambulance respons times, social assistence benefits, lazy parliament members, traffic safety, etc.) under a lot of time pressure. Our work is mainly driven by our own curiosity and ideas. Journalists from other programmes don\'t knock on our desk for a map or some information, but we pitch our projects to them.
What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?
We transformed a journalistic organisation from a traditional to a modern and data-first organisation. At Brandpunt+ (a Dutch investigative reporting programma existing since the 1960\'s), we sit at every idea pitch to see if we can add something to their subjects. We work together with De Monitor (Investigative journalism with crowdsourcing) on at least 4 different dossiers. Our items end up on the daily radio programma Spraakmakers. We make podcasts together with Reporter Radio. And we work together with Jinek, the most-watched late night talkshow in The Netherlands. With just 3 persons, we are doing everything we can to do varied and exciting work.
Source and methodology
A few tools and methods we use- Excel, Spreadsheets, Open Refine, R, etc.- Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, etc.- D3, Javascript, etc.- Crowdsourcing (for De Monitor)- OSINT (during our investigations on police and social media, and arms trades)
Technologies Used
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