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Individual portfolio: Abdul Salam Afridi
Country: Pakistan
Organisation: News Lens Pakistan
Best individual portfolio
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Project Description
I\'ve been working in the field of data journalism since early 2017 professionally, when I finished professional data journalism fellowship program. Since then, I have become a pioneer of data journalism in Pakistan along with some of others as well. as data journalism is art of data sciences in which i got support of my professional field of IT. since it was hard for me to push in this area and even faces many challenges and criticism around as i am from the tribal areas of Pakistan most of the people were not ready to accept me as data-drive writer. but i ignore and focused over producing quality evidence base data-driven content which is interest of local citizens and which help policy makers and law makers to revise their policy with the provided solution in story as recommendations. using latest tools for analysis and visualisation for me is easy as i have technical background is plus edge. and the magazine for whom i am writing the first one to produced on data journalism, which gives me more power to produced more quality content.
What makes this project innovative?
As my main focus mostly on public interest stories those having huge impact on their lives improvement with change in policy with the reference of my article contributions. at least which save time of the concern authorities to take action on the pop-up issue, may further investigation required by the concern authorities.
What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?
Data-driven stories has impact but not very quickly, in very rare cases it get strong feedback from the relevant authorities.
Source and methodology
most of the time using official data sources, and then for cross checking purposes uses third party sources like international NGOs and local NGOs collected data.
Technologies Used
Excel, MS Word, Tabula, Tableau Public, PikToChart, AmCharts, google charts, adobe illustrator, adobe fireworks, infogram, google sheets, Python, maps and many mores