Projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition

Right here you will find a list of all the projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition.  

Country: Brazil
Best data journalism team
Team Members
Celso Felizardo, Anderson Coelho, Fernando Faro, Adriana De Cunto, Sergio Ranalli, Anderson Mazeo, José Marcos da Silva, Gabriel Curtti
Project Description
This project is a monthly publication. A transmedia storytelling with a glocal perspectives in data and immersive journalism to incentivize and prospect new readers to a local subjects and to the newspaper
What makes this project innovative?
At a time when the local media in the interior of Paraná was closing its doors. And, the Folha de Londrina newspaper remained the last \'man\' standing, from the newspaper printed in the State. The transmedia storytelling project came up to test new forms of narratives, win back the lost reader to social networks and create a call for the education of youth in reading. And it has reached a significant portion of readers, not only within the State, our initial target, as in the neighboring states as well (SP, SC, RS). For this, we use a transmedia narrative, sectioned in print and digital with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We abused illustrations to ensure an approach to jovial language in infographics, flirting with the language of comic journalism. Among other forms of impact to cause a feeling of immersion and interactivity in the perception of the reader.
What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?
There was a great impact, mainly, in the academic environment of communication studies both in the state and also in large centers. Our team has been invited to round tables to discuss new ways of doing journalism and it has been very positive. There was a significant increase in audience and public-reader confidence in Folha de Londrina journalism. This assessment was analyzed from commercial data on the increase in the demand for digital signatures of the newspaper, after the period of the beginning of the project. The publication read analysis also contains satisfactory results from unique views considering the size of our region.
Source and methodology
We sent photographic and text reporters to the field to collect data and interviews. Historical data is part of the internal research in the data file and official sources, after collecting the data we gather the material and choose the best language to present it.
Technologies Used
About TIBAGI RIVER - We used HTML5, Javascript, Augmented Reality, Google Maps Geolocation API, Virtual Reality, metadata. We try to use news tecnologies each project.