Projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition

Right here you will find a list of all the projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition.  

Caixin VisLab
Country: China
Organisation: Caixin Media
Best data journalism team
SensorInteractiveInvestigationMapsVisualisationHealth & ScienceEnvironmentGenderPublic institutionsMigrationEconomy
Team Members
Chen Huang, Trish Chan Ka Wai, Chunyuan Wei, Jiaxin Liu, Miao Ding, Mingzhong Geng, Bin Leng, Xu Gao, Xing Liu, Zumin Xia, Zhichao Shen, Likun Chen, Xueni Su, Yi Yang, Yanzuo Liu
Project Description
Founded in 2013, Caixin VisLab is one of the earliest pioneering teams in China to combine data visualization with news reporting. The team is a combination of journalists, designers and developers. The team has launched over a hundred of projects including infographic charts, interactive website, longform multi-media news story, 3D maps, news game, video, animation and etc. Caixin is one of the major financial and business newsrooms in China. So the goal of Caixin VisLab is to provide more insights through data visualization and to explore possibilities for the future news. The team has won SOPA (The Society of Publishers in Asia) award for several times.
What makes this project innovative?
The members of Caixin VisLab are from diverse backgrounds. People from journalism, finance, economy, chemistry, engineering, art and computer science are working together to produce interesting projects. Each team member of Caixin VisLab is capable of more than just one role in the team, sometimes a journalist can also design and program and vice versa. The richness of history and culture of China provides a lot of great ideas for the team so the team could consistently produce excellent works that concerning the social interests.
What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?
Caixin is playing a leading role of data news in China. The projects have effectively promoted the Caixin\'s image as a high-tech, professional and creative newsroom in front of its readers. The work has been used as examples for journalism students in colleges, and it inspires more traditional media to form their data news team.
Source and methodology
More work of Caixin VisLab:
Technologies Used
Programming language: HTML, CSS, Javascript (d3.js and Three.js)Art: Adobe IllustratorData: Python, R