Projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition

Right here you will find a list of all the projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition.  

Rachael Dottle
Country: United States
Organisation: FiveThirtyEight
Student and young data journalist of the year
Team Members
Project Description
Rachael Dottle is a recent graduate from Columbia University. During her 11 months as an Associate Visual Journalist at FiveThirtyEight, she’s published a broad range of work, including maps, charts, interactive graphics, quizzes and a data-driven look at equality in American cinema.
What makes this project innovative?
Rachael combines exceptional quantitative and cartographic skills with a keen eye for information design. She’s helped the graphics team at FiveThirtyEight improve its mapping workflow for daily graphics, using the latest packages in R.
What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?
Source and methodology
Technologies Used
Raechel uses a broad range of tools for analyzing and visualizing data, including R, D3, Javascript/Node, Python/Jupyter and QGIS.