Projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition

Right here you will find a list of all the projects submitted to the Data Journalism Awards competition.  

FKP Labs
Country: India
Organisation: Free Press Kashmir
Best data journalism team
Team Members
Qazi Zaid, Editor at Free Press Kashmir
Project Description
Free Press Kashmir Labs is a section of innovation and experiment that uses multimedia and interactivity to break down numbers into stories. By doing this it helps in creating a middle space between traditional form of story-telling and data stories that rely on numbers and charts. By clubbing the two, FPK labs has simplified and found a way to do challenging stories where numbers and scale come to life by using technology and innovation. FPK Labs targets a general audience from Indian and a specific audience from Kashmir.
What makes this project innovative?
The purpose of telling the kind of stories that FPK Labs is aiming at is to evolve the way news is told, and stories are understood. In a conflict zone like Kashmir, the cases that remain confined to numbers, FPK aims to break the path that makes story telling about numbers not only simple, but immersive. Secondly, FPK Labs aims to assimilate the growing use of technology with narrative and long form journalism which is the forte of FPK. The experiment is being done with the sole aim of pushing boundaries of numbers and data, and then clubbing it with traditional form of story telling. We have used text, audio, video, charts, codes, AI and user interface to be able to tell stories.
What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?
FPK Labs even experiments with audio recitals to see the results, by comparing the way that audience reacts to stories that use plain numbers, as opposed to how the same audience reacts to stories saying the same thing using innovative techniques.
Source and methodology
We mine for data using google and other search engines. We also use government data from At times when data isn\'t available with the government, we rely on non governmental data from organisations like MSF. In cases where data is available in PDF formats, we scrap data and convert it into text.
Technologies Used
We use HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY and tools like data wrapper, Infogram and crowd-sourcing tools like dot-mapcreated by ICFJ.