Project description

The special project is dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the writer Jules Verne. TASS has prepared a tool-navigator for his novels, which will help the reader choose a book according to one’s own taste. The user can apply filters that sort literary works by geography, location and other plot features. Inside is an interactive map made up of illustrations devoted to Jules Verne’s 54 novels. Each piece of the puzzle contains a recognizable story element, through which the user also can try to guess the encrypted work.

What makes this project innovative?

“Adventure Time” is an interactive navigator through Jules Verne’s 54 novels from his famous ""Voyages extraordinaires"" cycle. The project lets you choose a book according to your own tastes through various filters. The three major parameters are ""The scene"" (in space, on land, underwater, etc.), ""Features"" (the presence of screen versions, elements of fiction and / or a detective, or love story, Russian heroes, etc.) and ""Geography"" (Europe, Asia, the Arctic, etc.). On an improvised bookshelf, novels are arranged in descending order - from the most voluminous (""Children of Captain Grant"") to the smallest one (""The Green Ray""). And finally, you can choose a piece directly on the main map. It is divided into 54 cells, just like the number of novels. When you click on an illustration, you can read a brief description of the novel and an interesting fact about it.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

34,914 pageviews

The project’s team published an interview with the multimedia journalism media ( “Adventure Time” had press coverage in major entertainment and literature media:,,

Source and methodology

The main and only source of data was that same 54 novels of Jules Verne.

Four editors chose the visual images for creating illustrations and maps, as well as key tags for filters. Editors and illustrators had to read all these novels: some of them partially, and some of them completely. The volume of books was calculated by the number of characters for each individual work.

Technologies Used

Javascript, D3.js, Figma

Project members

Project team:
Illustrator: Anastasia Zotova
Editors: Alexander Bychkov, Kristina Nedkova, Valeria Skuratova, Timur Fekhretdinov
Designer: Gleb Trzhemetskii
Translator: Andrey Starkov



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