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State news agencies Tanjug and Srna have taken false information from a false site and presented it as a real news to attack the security minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Mektić. From publicly accessible data I have done research on this dangerous, false news that could have triggered protests and bloodshed in the sensitive region of the former Yugoslavia

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Anatomy of Fake News: Mektić-Haradinaj

These days, a sensational news has been launched that the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Mektić, a Serb by nationality, became the best, the best friend of the Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

News Republika Srpska

Monday, March 26, 2018 | 10:48

It's nothing strange that they did not learn about this "fact" from phantom news, launched primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that even this rather unhappy Mektić, due to cooperation with Muslims, would appear as an Albanian exponent.

The research team of free journalists gathered a number of facts that indisputably prove that the Agency Srna and the Radio Television of Republika Srpska, which mostly sparked an affair on the territory of BiH, in the Mektić-Haradinaj case cited a false source of data, i.e. suspicious unrecognizable medium "".

The Law of the Republic of Serbia on Public Information and Media, Article 34, explicitly states:

"In each medium, mandatory media information is published in the form of an impression, a short impression or identification", while Article 35 stipulates that "Media imprint includes: media name, name and seat of the publisher, e-mail address or website, personal names responsible editor of the media and editors-in-chief for certain issues, sections or program units, data on the competent regulatory or supervisory bodies, as well as the registration number of the media. "

The website "Speaking Serbia" does not feature an impression, the name of the editor, the journalist, or the headquarters of the editorial office, or the registration number, which is an obvious proof that it is not a matter of the media. Also, Article 30 of the said Law determines that the medium can not be something like talk-talk:

"Media, for the purposes of this law, are not: platforms, such as the Internet forums, social networks and other platforms that facilitate the free exchange of information, ideas and opinions of its members, or any other independent electronic publication, such as blogs, webcasts and similar electronic presentations , unless they are registered in the Media Registry, in accordance with this Law. "

Our research team has discovered that the site is not registered in the competent media register of the Republic of Serbia.

By inspecting the register of the Business Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia, we also learned that no association of citizens, foundations, foundations, companies, that is, any form of a legal entity in the Republic of Serbia is called. From the observed, it can be argued that an informal or formal anonymous group of citizens, a movement, or a legal person completely elsewhere, stands behind the site, that is, "Srna" and RTRS quoted a phantom site / blog.

By searching the registry of the internet domain of the Republic of Serbia, it is evident that the domain of was registered on 27.4.2017, and that the data on the domain owner was hidden, which is another argument that it is an informal blog / site without tradition and media quality, that in the eyes of the law it is not a matter of the media, but a semi-anonymous, unlawful propaganda ritual, which the prosecution offices of both the Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, may have to deal with.

It was found that the controversial text "HARADINAJ: Dragan Mektić and I share the same values", on the original, therefore, on the phantom website was not signed by the author's name and surname, but with the label: "Source:", which in the eyes The law meant that there was a newsroom behind the news, and there is no editorial office here because, as we said, the impresum was not outlined in accordance with the law.

Our sources in Pristina claim that there is obviously a false, fabricated news because:

"Ramush Haradinaj would not give a statement to the site with pronounced lazy Serbian or anti-Albanian attitudes".

The Albanians simply do not want to interfere in the "Serbian work", ie. they politically respond to a situation they did not contribute anywhere and stir up the Serbian political scene throughout the region, sources in Pristina say.

Very well-known and quoted Albanian analyst Fatmir Sheholi had no comment. A very prominent Bosniak politician in Kosovo, Adrijana Hodzic, promised to report if she learned anything, but we did not get feedback from the text of this text.

The attitude of Kosovo's institutions is obviously to ignore the case because they did not even make it.

The Agency "Srna" and Radio-Television of Republika Srpska, both state-owned media, spread the false news and violated the Code of Journalists, as well as the Criminal Code and the Law on Radio-Television of Republika Srpska.

In the Criminal Code of Republika Srpska, Article 359 states:

"Whoever, through a press, radio, television, computer system or social network, publicly or otherwise publicly or otherwise publicly invites, provokes, or instigates or makes available to the public leaflets, pictures or other materials referring to violence or hatred directed according to a particular person or group because of their national, racial, religious or ethnic affiliation, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, origin or other qualities, shall be punished by a fine or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years ".

The Law on Radio-Television of Republika Srpska, Article 13, paragraph 1, states: "The RTRS program serves the interests of the public and must comply with the professional standards and regulations and rules of the Communications Regulatory Agency. RTRS is required to provide a diverse and balanced radio and television program that meets high ethical standards and standards of quality, respect for human life, dignity and physical integrity of personality, and the promotion of democratic freedoms, social justice and international understanding and peace. "

The spread of false news Agency "Srna" and RTRS are causing international turmoil, hatred and violation of everything stated in the quoted paragraph. Article 15 of that law, paragraph 1, states:

"RTRS will not broadcast material that, with its content or tone, instigates national, ethnic, religious or racial hatred, intolerance or discrimination against individuals and groups or who, on the basis of reasonable judgment, could cause violence, disorder or unrest, or could encourage execution of criminal offenses. "

From this it can be clearly seen that the obvious lie broadcast by the agency does not relieve the responsibility of the editorial team of the RTRS for the automatic transmission of this obvious lie. Moreover, in the third paragraph of the same article of the Law on the existence of RTRS, that is, about program constraints, states:

"RTRS will not broadcast any material that it knows is fake or there is a valid basis for believing it to be a fake."

We also highlight the following: in the Code of the Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a member of the third, it is explicitly forbidden to hug in the journalistic profession:

"Journalists will be aware at all times of the dangers that occur when the media incite discrimination and intolerance through hate speech. Bearing in mind such danger, journalists will do their utmost to prevent and / or encourage hatred and / or inequality based on ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability or mental state. Journalists will not, under any circumstances, incite crimes or violence. "

Considering that the Agency "Srna" and RTRS have recruited colleges of professional journalists, it is obvious that all of them are well-known, and that they have deliberately violated both the Criminal Code of Republika Srpska and the RTRS Act by transmitting false news and unverified sources. and an esnaf Code of Conduct of Journalists. To repeat, the RTRS's guilt does not amnesty that the news was broadcast by the agency Srna by quoting a phantom site / blog, because in Republika Srpska and in the world, the editor is obliged to handle due journalistic attention, to quote only verified news from credible sources, and as stated in the RTRS Act, only the assumption that it is a lie is enough to stop broadcasting of the news.

We focused the most on this research in BiH because the affair was launched from her to defeat Dragan Mektić. As the rules of the journalistic profession require, we contacted advisers in the Kosovo Government, as well as the most respected representatives of the Bosniak community in Kosovo. It was agreed that Ramush Haradinaj did not have any comment, but he most likely did not make the statement. From the transmission of false news, the immune media in the region did not remain.

The false news that Haradinaj glorifies Mektic was published by the Russian agency Sputnik, has also sued Radio Television of Serbia, referring to the Tanjug agency, on the same hook of Tanjug, quoting the phantom site, was also hit by the highly professional Al Jazeera, while the online issue of the newspaper Politika "the rest is true to the principle that the agency is not blindly trusted, so it checked the important news, slipped it like a false throw into the basket. But serious "Vecernje novosti" did not resist the bait on the hook of the traditional Tanjug, so they both ran away and published fictional news.

The anatomy of the false news is clear. You write a false news on a blog without clear identification, so you find enough corrupt, naive, or superficial editor to publish it.

The propaganda of the propaganda is then difficult to deny. In a strong denial of the "Haradinaj adore Mektic" affair, RTV BN has emphasized the efforts aimed at keeping even the most basic professional standards, which is not easy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the whole region.

Many media have long since become a septic tank for the untested torrent of Gebels' campaigns. We might end up listening intently to this school case of fabricating false news, but why?

While there is a hook, there will be somes ...

Author: I. Aleksić, Independent Journalist, Serbia

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