Project description

This is a very simple app, with a very simple objetive: Reply with data the question "how many women write in argentinean newspapers?"ColumnistOS (those who write the "opinion" columns in the newspapers, empathizing the ending of the word, that in spanish is masculine) is a bot that sweeps the main printed media outlets homepages and finds out who are signing each opinon newspiece. It then genderizes the authors (based on the names, with a little help from humans if needed) and tweets every day at 10am, the results from the previous day, in percentages. Every month (or two), we manually make a dataviz of the elapsed time, the evolution and some important remarks in the middle.

What makes this project innovative?

It's really simple. It doesn't goes beyond the simple purpose of making data accesible to the public.It tweets hard information, so others (mostly female journalists, sadly) can use the data to make a point.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

As the code is somewhat simple, and it's open and documented to be easily replicated, in less than one month of being born, there are a few bot versions already working, or about to do so.There are a ColumnistOS in paraguay (by @tedicpy) and about-to-be-launched versions in Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. The innovation in it was the use of those somewhat simple tools to make something that was needed by the community. With less than two months, we got more than 10 international media interviews, and lot's of interests to replicate it in other countries, regions and even communities (other under represented minorities in media? or in other areas?)

Source and methodology

There was little to no data about real participation of female journalists in media.Most of it was very vague, and not desagregated by region or actual news outlet. Based on data, and studies, we thought this was something the region needed.

Technologies Used

There is no tecnological innovation in it. It uses pretty known techniques: Scrapping websites with python crawlers, tweeting with Bot Twitters, datavisualizing with common tools. I think this bot deserves just a "less is more" award

Project members

Juan E.D - Main developer of everythingAndres Snitcofsky - Idea, dataviz, design.Mercedes D'Alessandro - Economia Femini(s)ta director


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