Project description

This project is an initiative towards Data awareness in a country like India, where people use Data or records for millions of years in a different form, but do not know its value. This is a story about How a Data is handled and mishandled when we are not educated enough to understand the significance of Data. This story is about a journey of Data from Dearth to Death.

What makes this project innovative?

I have tried to take the opinion of experts from different industry in India. To understand the scale of Data illiteracy, I have taken different scenarios from altogether different people. I have used video bytes of experts as a direct portrayal of their views on Data and it's a situation in India. As I had lack of data on the issue issue, Videos I have collected are working as data in this story.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

To understand the depth of the problem, We must talk about the problem fairly and openly without any hesitation. We have to speak up about what is going on in actual words. To bring the face of the in the light, we have to throw the light on the face of every minor incidence related to the issue. Sometimes, we skip the reality to keep our names safe. But, this story talks about reality, as it is. From here the awareness will raise is voice.

Source and methodology

For this story, I researched several cases from different recent stories and I found how Data is being mishandled.I talked to different people of a different story on the same subject and tried to analyse their point of view on the same subject. For population and basic data

Technologies Used


Project members

Story by : Varsha Srivastava, Help credits : Mr.Sanjay Rai




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