Project description

I want participate in best individual portafolio. I have experience in print data visualization in publications as magazines and newspaper. I think that the conceptualization in print editions is dificult because we have one layer for show all the data. We have a few seconds for captivate the attetion of the lector. This is our task. I am looking for share my job and contribute to the society, informing in a simple way but for all the lectors. because the information is the key to be better citizens.

What makes this project innovative?

I would love to disseminate the use of data visualization in print media, because in Mexico this resource is not exploited as in other countries of the world, to show information that contributes to society, in an easy to understand and friendly way to see .

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Well the data visualizations that I present in my professional portfolio are for magazines of 20,000 to 150,000 copies. If I go to the personal project, I want to show information that contributes something to society, both in human development and in health.

Source and methodology

I'm information designer, so in this projects I was working in a team with editors and journalism. The team given to me the information and then I was working int he graphic representation of the information. For me, as information designer is very important have a meeting with the team for understand the principal message of the infographic. I had done research and information search in other infographic projects.

Technologies Used

My experience is in print data visualization, I used tools like in design, illustration and photoshop. First, I visualizating the idea, the form , analyse the data and I look for the graphic focus, what's the principal idea of the visualization. Undestand the topic of the visualization, After this I experiment with different combinations of color.


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