Project description

RBC was the first media outlet to discover the regions in Russia with the highest HIV mortality, the government had never made this data public. In some regions more people died from HIV than from all the murders, car accidents, suicides, alcohol and drug intoxication.

What makes this project innovative?

The data was published first time ever. Reporter team sent lots of requests to local statistical bodies to collect the data and make it public.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Near 170 thousand people read the article, thousands of them shared it in the social media. The data appeared to be shocking for far more people. Hundreds of media outlets in Russia re-published that piece of news, so it gained audience around 5-6 mln people according to the Medialogia analytical agency. Officials in different regions of Russia had pressers after the article on the highest HIV-related mortality rates was published. They accounted for the measures taken to decrease mortality rate, for ARV-therapy and other related issues. After the investigation on low doctors salaries was published the regional officials had to admit that the president's bills were not actually executed.

Source and methodology

The federal statistics body could only provide reporters with data on the HIV-related mortality after a request, the data related to the year 2017. Then requests were sent to the each region statistics body to get data of 2018. Some of the riskiest regions provided the data, the highest mortality rate was calculated from the data on total infections mortality rate provided and previously published.

Technologies Used

Official requests to provide data based on the journalists right to make requests to public offices. Database compilation and analysis in Google Spreadsheets. Draft visualizations in Google Spreadsheets.

Project members

Dada Lyndell, Evgeniy Tarasenko, Polina Zvezdina



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