Project description

A project with all the work of coaches in the top 25 clubs in Brazil to find out why the high turnover of coaches in the country. The study has been able to bring answers that have never been elucidated, such as the average time of a coaching job in the elite of brazilian soccer or what are the main reasons for a resignation. There were over a thousand works analyzed and 25 thousand games counted.

Updated daily, the page calls attention to the instability of a job as a soccer coach in Brazil. There are some features that reveal the coaches\’ come and go, the time of year with more exchanges and the timeline of jobs in each club since 2003, research period.

The special page now serves as a reference source for several types of Globo Group reports, as well as being a source for researchers or lovers of the theme.

What makes this project innovative?

I believe the design innovation was how to turn a lot of data into a creative and engaging story. It took several adjustments to get to the final product. The solution to show all the work of the managers of each club was to create an interactive infographic with several filters. The infographic adjusts itself according to the desire of the public. You can view all the information grouped or per year, for example. The filters help the audience draw their own conclusions about the work of the coaches in the country. The most important thing was to create an interactive page with so much information and, in a didactic way, help to guide the reader to understand the information. There was nothing similar in Brazil until then. Even in the academic circles there was no extensive and in-depth research like this. What makes this project innovative is precisely the pioneer of the theme and how has been able to gather all the information in the database in different interactive infographics.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Our project has drawn the general public's attention to the problematic cultural factor of high turnover of coaches in Brazil. The results of the survey raised the debate in the country's top sports programs on launch day. And it continues to be a source of other guidelines. In addition, our database serves as a source for the preparation of academic studies. Some people have already contacted us so they can use the results as an example in academic work.

We have a simple way of measuring the impact that is the pageviews. In total, we already have 229,032 pageviews.

Source and methodology

The concern with the source and the methodology was one of the points of more attention of the team responsible of the page. Therefore, we created a separate publication only to explain the methodology adopted and the criteria... The temporal cut of the survey is from 2003 - year of the beginning of the era of the running points in Brasileirão - the main soccer championship in Brazil. In order to calculate all the games of each passing of technicians in the clubs of this material, used an internal data base of the Globo Group and checked the material with the list of games of three external sites: "ogol", "ball in the area "and" RSSSF Brazil ". After verification, each official club was consulted to check the data and all requested adjustments were made.

Technologies Used

Google Spreadsheets was used to compile the database, with all the search information. This includes: team name, coach's name, coach's nationality, start of employment bond, end of employment bond, working time, games, performance, events (titles, eliminations and demotions) and dates of events. The page layout was all designed with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for data visualization. To make the page interactive and to connect the database in Google Spreadsheets with the url was mainly used Python for all the necessary functionality. All created scrypts serve for several things, such as automatically calculating dead-end days of managers, providing automatic page filters or revealing months with more exchanges of the coaches.

Project members

Roberto Maleson - story writing and verification Guilherme Maniaudet - story writing and verification Alexandre Lage - art and design Ana Tarrisse - web development Carlos Lemos - web development Elihofni Lima - web development



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