Project description

This multimedia story describes step by step the transformations the Poás Volcano, the most visited volcano in Costa Rica experienced during eruptions, between April 1st and 22 of 2017. The eruptions completely modified the crater and the previous images the tourists had of this beautiful volcano for more than six decades.

What makes this project innovative?

Using photos, infographics, animations and short texts, the interactive shows six key events that transformed the Poás Volcano in two weeks of intense volcanic activity. The user can navigate in a simple way through the events that detail the changes in the crater, the lagoon and the dome. The pictures and animations used make the experience more interesting.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The interactive was built using information from a long interview with Raúl Mora Amador, a volcanologist from the University of Costa Rica, who was studing the event in real time. We also used previous stories reporting on the eruptions, and reports from the Seismological and Vulcanological Observatory (Ovsicori), the National Seismological Network, and the organization Volcanos without borders. To graph the historic eruptions, we used the database from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.

Source and methodology

The story had 23.517 views with an average time on page on 4:39 minutes, the week it was published. 10 months after, it has reached 44.585, according to Google Analytics.

Technologies Used

We also used HTML, Javascript, CSS, Jquery and JSON.

Project members

Journalist: Mercedes Agüero, Programmer: Bryan Gutiérrez, Designer: José Pablo Robles, Editor: Hassel Fallas


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