Project description

I’m a data journalist at La Vanguardia since 2015. Until february 2019 I worked only for the website, a small team of generalists which that worked aside from the paper. As I was the only data journalist in a small newsroom, I used to collaborate with other colleagues in order to specify the approaches and accomplish the short delivery periods. One of our biggest challenges is to be able to offer innovative content on a website that has many limitations when it comes to offering personalised storytelling. I can’t imagine how nice it would be to work in a team of different professional profiles that is capable to break the technical limits of the website. Meanwhile, this are some of the project I was involved in during last year:

1. The clouds of words of the witnesses of the trial of 1-O
We analyze the words that political witnesses said in the trial of the events that took place on October 1, 2018. The idea was to summarize in a few clear words the intentionality of the statements and the position of the witnesses regarding the Catalan process

2. The value of the World Cup selections
We did a compilation and analysis work to know the value of each player and see the economic differences between the different selections. In this sense we work to be able to offer a visualisation that allows us to see the differences at the first glance.

3. The robot portrait of the Oscar winner
The idea of ​​this article was to determine the bias of the Oscar winners in recent years. To do this we collect personal data of all winners and develop a robot portrait of the rule that governs the Academy Awards

4. The countries with the most expatriates
Sometimes it is difficult to find stories in the data outside the agenda. In this sense I believe that this story can be relevant in the sense that it rescues information that is updated year after year and exposes it to explain the history of some countries where almost have more people living outside their borders than inside.

5. The largest cities there will be in 2025
In this article the idea was to explain that the cities that will dominate the world in a few years are in the southern hemisphere and will grow to a size that is difficult to conceptualize and imagine.

6.The analysis of the candidates for the Congress of Deputies
On April 28, new legislative elections are held in Spain. The idea was to determine what were the different profiles of the main candidates for Congress of the deputies at the level of gender, age and renewal.

7. Why the eruption of the Fire of Guatemala has been much more devastating than that of Hawaii
This was a data story for breaking news. The idea was to provide information (data and visualisations) that would better understand the recent volcanic phenomena to a population that is totally unaware of the dimension of this type of phenomena.

8. Measure Euroscepticism and the extreme right throughout the European territory
One of the main themes of this last year has been the crisis in the European Union and the rise of the extreme right. In this sense, this report pretends to locate in which countries and territories these political movements were located and how they have evolved over the last few years.

What makes this project innovative?

Since I started working at the newspaper in January 2015, the way to approach the stories has changed a lot. In the last time I have tried to apply all the knowledge obtained in recent years to be able to offer a different content, interesting for the reader and in an innovative way. One of the greatest difficulties I have had has been to have a limiting web framework that does not allow external code and a small newsroom without any profile of a programmer that allows one step further to the stories. However, in every story we publish we try to overcome these limitations and be able to offer interesting stories based on data and visualizations. For me the great value of the work at La Vanguardia is having been able to tell innovative stories that have an impact despite the constant technical difficulties.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

During the past year, the stories I published were read by one million unique visitors. The engagement time on average was 4:05 min. Moreover, on the last year I've been posting the stories in a Instagram Stories format in order to reach a wider and younger audience. These stories have been the ones that have had the most impressions on the official Instagram of La Vanguardia, reaching 30,000 impressions

Source and methodology

Each project requires its specific methodology and it's hard to remember all of them. Most of times I try to add a methodology chapter at the end of the article in order to explain to the reader the working process.

Technologies Used

I use a variety of tools depending the project. For scraping and analyzing the data I usually use Excel, SQL, Carto or R. For analyzing the data I can use Datawrapper, RawGraphs, Flourish, Javascript, HTML among others that I can use punctually. But always the last step when it comes to visualize is Illustrator.

Project members

For all of the of the project I was responsible to collect the data, analyize it and finally visualize it. Reporting was done by myself six times, while I joined other reportes from other departments in order to do the rest of the cases.


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