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North Korea’s military parades are an impressive sight. They also reveal details about the regime’s capabilities and ambitions. In this graphic, the team deconstructed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s major parades since he took power in 2011 and the hidden significance of each event. By counting each piece of military hardware on display, Reuters showed the emphasis in recent parades had shifted onto ballistic missiles and away from tanks and artillery, suggesting it was seeking to project an image of advanced weapons capability.

What makes this project innovative?

This project collects data that hasn't previously been compiled before.

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The project was circulated widely on social media and was picked up by other news organisations.

Source and methodology

Equipment is counted by watching full videos released by North Korea’s state-run television KRT. Vehicles are plotted in order of appearance. Models of equipment are probable but not confirmed. Each is cross referenced against previous Reuters images, images on military websites and in some cases the advise of military analysts. The hardware chart shows military equipment only with no groups of people included. Cars, jeeps and motorbikes are also not included.

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, Javascript and Illustrator were used to develop the project.


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