Project description

The Bloomberg Brexit Barometer is a custom index designed to show how the U.K. economy is responding to the Brexit process. It’s made up of indicators for employment, inflation, growth and uncertainty. The higher the number, the healthier the economy – and vice versa.The barometer is powered by four data feeds curated by Bloomberg Intelligence updated in real time. The higher above zero the index is, the better off Britons are economically; the farther below zero, the worse off they are.In addition to the Barometer itself, four other metrics measuring the U.K.’s economic health are shown for reference: British Pound Index, U.K. Housing Prices, U.K. Government Bond Yield and the U.K. Unemployment Rate.

What makes this project innovative?

What makes the Brexit Barometer innovative are the complex calculations powered by proprietary data feeds curated by Bloomberg Intelligence. In all, 22 data sets are used to produce these indicators on a daily basis. For this seemingly-simple graphic, instead of minimizing the methodology, we decided to prominently display it as part of the story. Reader-friendly animated weather icons that correspond to the daily barometer value make this otherwise abstract information more relatable. The calculations and the standard deviation used in our analysis are visually explained to add more transparency to our process.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Since this is updated on a daily basis, the Brexit Barometer is featured on every day, linking to and from various articles on Brexit.

Source and methodology

Bloomberg Intelligence (Index). Bloomberg reporting, Nationwide Building Society, and UK Office for National Statistics (Related indicators).

Technologies Used

d3.jsR (Tidyverse)Adobe Illustrator / Photoshopai2html

Project members

The Bloomberg Brexit Team: Editors: Anne Swardson, Andre Tartar, Simon Kennedy and Adam BlenfordDesign & development: Christopher Cannon, Eric Bryant, Julian Burgess and Brittany HarrisMethodology: Dan Hanson, Jennifer Prince and Mathieu Benhamou


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