UX design: How to use animations in mobile applications

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This article presents examples of how animation can make charts and visualisations more impactful. Published in June 2018. A 7-minute read.

‘In UX design, app animations present the area for endless creative search as well as one of the objects for hot debates. In today’s article, we are going to consider how to use animation in mobile app design to provide positive user experience and smooth interactions.

As everything integrated into an interface, app animations must be a functional element rather than decor. Motion elements should be considered from the very start of planning a user journey. Designing animations, you need to analyze their influence on usability and desirability of the app — and if you cannot see a real positive impact, reconsider the approach. Advantages and utility of motion in the interaction process have to be obvious and outweigh possible pitfalls. Good UI animation is a cherry on top. Let’s review the most popular types that are checked to enhance the mobile user interface’.