Tag: Big data

How Trump’s Trade War Went From 18 Products to 10,000

Project by Matthew Ericson / Organisation: The New York Times United States

Copy, paste, legislate: We looked for legislation that was written by special interests. We found it in all 50 states.

Project by Shawn Sullivan / Organisation: USA Today, USA TODAY / The Arizona Republic / The Center for Public Integrity United States

Everything you Need to Know about Pakistan’s General Election

Project by Dean Adams / Organisation: AJLabs, Al Jazeera English Qatar

Perfil Político

Project by Natalia Mazotte / Organisation: Open Knowledge Brazil Brazil

ABC Digital Story Innovation Team

Project by Stephen Hutcheon / Organisation: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Australia

2018 Election Results – Live Analysis

Project by Randy Leonard / Organisation: Roll Call United States

Europe One Degree Warmer

Project by Leonard Wallentin / Organisation: and OBC Transeuropa, The European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet); Coordination by J++, Vox Europe Sweden

Assassination cost .. Reportage on funding practices of terrorism in Sinai

Project by abdelwahab elewa / Organisation: Masrawy website (Ona organization for Media) Egypt

J++ (Journalism++)

Project by Leonard Wallentin / Organisation: J++ (Journalism++) Sweden


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