Tag: Crowdsourcing

DataJournalism.Tools: a quick guide to find tools to analyze and visualize data

Project by Winny de Jong / Organisation: Journalism Lab (Research Centre Cross Media Journalism), Winny Media Netherlands

Ríos de Vida y Muerte (Rivers of Life and Death)

Project by Daniel Suarez Perez / Organisation: Consjo de Redacción - Rutas del Conflicto Colombia

Bureau Local Team

Project by Megan Lucero / Organisation: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism United Kingdom

Russian Facebook Ads / Election Meddling

Project by Shawn Sullivan / Organisation: USA Today United States

Portfolio: Moritz Zajonz

Project by Moritz Zajonz / Organisation: Süddeutsche Zeitung (Entwicklungsredaktion) Germany

Portfolio: The Paper

Project by Yan Lu / Organisation: The Paper China

My Memory of Wenchuan Earthquake

Project by Yan Lu / Organisation: The Paper China

In the dark: The cost of Canada’s data deficit

Project by Tavia Grant / Organisation: The Globe and Mail Canada

LA NACION DATA, Open Data Journalism for Change

Project by LA NACION DATA / Organisation: La Nación Argentina


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