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How 2 M.T.A Decisions Pushed the Subway Into Crisis

Project by Tom Giratikanon / Organisation: The New York Times United States

The Economist’s “Build a voter” models

Project by Alex Selby-Boothroyd / Organisation: The Economist United Kingdom

Where can people get a UX-related Masters Program in the U.S.?

Project by xing liu / Organisation: University of Miami United States

UK gender pay gap disclosures

Project by Martin Stabe / Organisation: Financial Times United Kingdom

How the Netherlands is warming and rainfall is getting more extreme

Project by Erik van Gameren / Organisation: NRC Media Netherlands

Portfolio: Rui Barros

Project by Rui Barros / Organisation: RĂ¡dio Renascença Portugal

Portfolio – Nael Shiab

Project by Nael Shiab / Organisation: CBC Radio-Canada Canada

South Africa’s Deadly School Toilets

Project by Laura Jane Grant / Organisation: Media Hack Collective South Africa

2018 Election Results – Live Analysis

Project by Randy Leonard / Organisation: Roll Call United States


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