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How China is Looking Beyond Borders

The “Belt and Road Initiative” was announced by the Chinese government in 2013 as a global trade strategy based on the ancient Silk Road trading route. This project, featuring amazing maps and graphics, explains how…

Food price inflation calculator

Project by Johannes Dell / Organisation: BBC World Service (Near East Visual Journalism/Turkish Service) United Kingdom

Population Growth will change the world’s face by 2100

Project by Érica Fraga / Organisation: Folha de S.Paulo Brazil

Marie Segger—Young Data Journalist of the Year portfolio entry

Project by Marie Segger / Organisation: The Economist Newspaper United Kingdom

South Sudan Food Prices

Project by Carolyn Thompson / Organisation: The Washington Post United States

Debt, taxes and inflation: highlights from the last 10 years of Pakistan’s economy

Project by Asim Khan / Organisation: DAWN.com Pakistan

How real is China’s economic slowdown? Here’s what the numbers really say

Project by Mayuri Mei Lin / Organisation: BBC World Service - East Asia China

Kyrgyzstan survives on money made by migrant workers, but it doesn’t know how to spend it

Project by Savia Hasanova / Organisation: Kloop.kg Kyrgyz Republic


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