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Discover new actors of data journalism

Earlier this month, we received 608 projects, from 62 areas/countries, as part of the Data Journalism Awards 2019 competition. They offer invaluable insights on new actors and trends in the field. So we decided to sit down and crunch some numbers for you. But best of all, we wanted to show you some of the incredible data projects we got this year, from countries you don’t hear about that often.

The Economist’s “Build a voter” models

Project by Alex Selby-Boothroyd / Organisation: The Economist United Kingdom

The coming Cuba…

Project by Jessica Dominguez / Organisation: Eltoque.com Cuba

The Big Business of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

Project by Alex Tribou / Organisation: Bloomberg News United States

Hate Crime Watch

Project by Karthik Madhavapeddi / Organisation: FactChecker.in India

New York City Water Tank Inspections 2015-2017

Project by Ben Jay / Organisation: City & State New York United States

Where can people get a UX-related Masters Program in the U.S.?

Project by xing liu / Organisation: University of Miami United States

Broadband speed map reveals Britain’s new digital divide

Project by David Blood / Organisation: Financial Times United Kingdom

169 tragedies

Project by Julius Troeger / Organisation: Der Tagesspiegel, Zeit Online Germany


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