Tag: Migration

The Millions Who Left

Since the reunification millions of people left the East of Germany, and triggered a demographic crisis. For the first time, data shows what exactly happened – and why there is hope.

Associated Press Shared Data Program

Project by Troy Thibodeaux / Organisation: The Associated Press United States

Refugees Are

Project by Suad Al Darra / Organisation: UNICEF United States

Shrinking Cities in China: 40% of Chinese cities are losing population

Project by Yusong Wu / Organisation: Netease Datablog China

South Sudan Food Prices

Project by Carolyn Thompson / Organisation: The Washington Post United States

Homicide, the main cause of death of the bodies that were repatriated to El Salvador

Project by Xenia Gonzalez Oliva / Organisation: El Diario de Hoy El Salvador

The Romanovs’ Twilight

Project by Alina Kano / Organisation: TASS Russian News Agency Russian Federation

Data Projects Team

Project by Caelainn Barr / Organisation: The Guardian United Kingdom

The Waiting Game

Project by Scott Klein / Organisation: Playmatics, ProPublica, WNYC News United States


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