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Discover new actors of data journalism

Earlier this month, we received 608 projects, from 62 areas/countries, as part of the Data Journalism Awards 2019 competition. They offer invaluable insights on new actors and trends in the field. So we decided to sit down and crunch some numbers for you. But best of all, we wanted to show you some of the incredible data projects we got this year, from countries you don’t hear about that often.

Individual Portfolio – Claire Miller

Project by Claire Miller / Organisation: Reach Data Unit United Kingdom

Portfolio: Judite Cypreste

Project by Judite Cypreste / Organisation: Colaboradados Brazil

Associated Press Shared Data Program

Project by Troy Thibodeaux / Organisation: The Associated Press United States

The End User

Project by Mohamed Aboelgheit / Organisation: Arab Reporters ForInvestigative Journalism (ARIJ) Jordan

Bureau Local Team

Project by Megan Lucero / Organisation: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism United Kingdom

Politicians owe more than $ 2 millions in traffic infractions

Project by Cecilia Filas / Organisation: El Cronista Comercial Argentina

Perfil Político

Project by Natalia Mazotte / Organisation: Open Knowledge Brazil Brazil

RBC Data Team portfolio

Project by Dada Lyndell / Organisation: RBC Russian Federation


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