Tag: Social media

The End User

Project by Mohamed Aboelgheit / Organisation: Arab Reporters ForInvestigative Journalism (ARIJ) Jordan

Bots Are Dominating Political Debate in Egypt

Project by Amr Eleraqi / Organisation: InfoTimes Egypt

Marie Segger—Young Data Journalist of the Year portfolio entry

Project by Marie Segger / Organisation: The Economist Newspaper United Kingdom

Río Abierto

Project by Lucía Pardo / Organisation: la diaria Uruguay

The Suicide Story

Project by Deneb Sumbul Sadeque / Organisation: Newsline Publications (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan

This is how thin you have to be, to walk the catwalk

Project by Winny de Jong / Organisation: NOS Netherlands

Pakistan’s online clampdown

Project by Ramsha Jahangir / Organisation: Dawn Media Group Pakistan

The “Wandering” Sun: the Most Rainy Winter for Many Southern China Cities

Project by Yan Lu / Organisation: The Paper, The Paper / Sixth Tone China


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