Tag: Video

Death of Data

Project by Varsha Sriwastva / Organisation: thecorrespondent.in India

Air quality in Mongolia

Project by Otgontugs Ulziisuren / Organisation: Mongolian Center for Investigative Reporting Mongolia

Disastrous Typhoon Season Due To Perfect Storm of Conditions

Project by Kazunari Saitou / Organisation: NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan

Peak Hour Project

Project by Craig Butt / Organisation: The Age Australia

Why your smartphone is causing you ‘text neck’ syndrome

Project by SCMP Infographics / Organisation: South China Morning Post Hong Kong

The YouTube stars of the reactionary right

Project by Mirjam Leunissen / Organisation: de Volkskrant and de Correspondent news media Netherlands

Recommended for you by YouTube: racism, antisemitism and misogyny – How YouTube fuels right-wing radicalization

Project by Mirjam Leunissen / Organisation: de Correspondent and de Volkskrant news media Netherlands

Pauta Visible

Project by Federico Gutiérrez / Organisation: Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa Colombia


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